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Write good content for your website is not enough. You need to increase the effort that will help you drive maximum exposure for your content. It takes a lot of investment of time and effort to research and write the content to spend your time only to realize that no one visits your site. You need a strategy to help you raise exposure of your content and 12 easy steps will help guide you through the process.

Step 1 - Do not s.p.a.m your content

Fill spam rarely get ranked in the search engines. Using keywords to your content is a good SEO strategy but it can hurt your content when it is filled with too many keywords that the search engine gives the impression that it is spammed content. Use keywords to the level of a decent keyword
density of 2% of the number of words your content and you will be fine. Use keyword density tool to help you avoid excessive SEO article that can prevent you from getting enough exposure should be.

Step 2 - Search for keywords with low competition

In order to increase the exposure of your content, you need to find keywords that will have a lower competition to rank high in the search. The search for the most relevant keywords with low
competition in the search engines much easier when you use Google Adword Keyword Tool that can give a good direction to pursue the keywords for your business niche. You can filter the results based on broad, exact or phrase type and the number of competitions, trend and popularity on the web.
Step 3 - Use a good blogging platform

Type blogging platform you use affects how the content will help you get better exposure in the search engines. Use a platform that offers tools to optimize your content exposure. Plugins are very useful tools that you can use on your business website because there are people who help improve the SEO structure of your content and help to optimize its ability to rank better in the search.

Step 4 - Use the proper website design and theme colors

Design theme and colors for your website should be carefully selected with the aim that it can help your content become more readable for your visitors. The colors you choose can significantly trigger the emotions of your readers be aware about the colors you choose for your size of your site. It is equally important to choose the right font for your website to make sure that your content looks more inviting and welcoming to visitors of your website to achieve better exposure and appreciation of your customers.

Step 5 - Engage in a link building efforts

With Google Panda and Penguin updates, many thought that link building is dead SEO strategy. It is a wrong notion because Google updates only penalize sites that do black hat SEO approaches such as link farming. Link building remains a good SEO strategy to help your content get better exposure, especially in the search results. You only need to use a high-quality backlinks for your content to increase online exposure.

Step 6 - Remove backlink spammed on your contents

Dead and spammed backlink probably one of the reasons why your content does not get better exposure, especially in a Google search. If the spam links related to your content, Google will most likely penalize your content if it is not your business site to block the entire exposure in the search rankings. The best remedy is to use the Google Tool deny. It will cleanse your content from dead links or spam you prevent content appearing on search engines.

Step 7 - Create a Social Profile to market your content

Social networks become on-demand media to get maximum exposure for your website content. Most social networking platform to support social marketing in promoting an online business and you can take advantage of the use of different social marketing tools like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn to advance your marketing efforts to promote your content in cyberspace.

Step 8 - Use of different media for content promotion

Not all Internet users are very interested to read textual contents. You can cover a much wider audience when you are able to produce the content which may be in the form of text, infographics, slideshows and videos. You can reach more potential customers to your business when you publish your content using this medium and will provide better exposure of your content for different types of Internet users.

Step 9 - Utilize media paid

It is quite difficult to promote your own content. If you are serious enough to launch a full-time promotion of your content to achieve better exposure for it, you need the help of paid advertising media. You can take advantage of StumbleUpon Paid Discovery where you can buy clicks at a very low price. Advertising Reddit also will work well for your content marketing efforts by utilizing the services of cheap clicks of socially engaged audience to maximize the exposure of your business contents.

Step 10 - Take advantage of social shares

When you create more social media accounts, you can achieve better exposure for your site if you can encourage members of your social network to share your content. Most of the content becomes viral because of social shares. You can focus your efforts in promoting your content to target the people in your network to make them or want to share your content by providing quality content which can be headlines in social media community.

Step 11 - Curate your content

Your efforts in the promotion of content should begin to write the contents of which derive from a very well known site. Backing up your information to provide a quote from the Journal of Scientific Research and the site and connect them to your content. You can finally establish the reliability of the content of your website for better exposure to your target audience.

Step 12 - Build Your Essay

Focus your efforts in building your authorship will give your content a better exposure on the web. When you work in promoting your professional authority in your business niche, you can easily market your content once you reach a good reputation writer. Using Google + is a good start. You can also start commenting on other people's blogs with the same niche as your business and offer some tips and information. In the long run, you earn respect and your content will be given a lot of weight with your followers.
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